Posted by: erinelizabeth1983 | August 3, 2011

Thank You

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a Civil War reenactment in Hastings. As a member of one of the host units, I was able to participate in a couple of scenarios. One of the scenarios took place during the evening twilight tours through the historic village. I was with a group of lovely ladies and we were portraying a family enjoying a quiet evening at home. One of the ladies read a book. One was working on a quilt and a couple of others worked on various sewing projects. One portrayed the family servant. I practiced playing my tin whistles. In the midst of our quiet evening, there’s a knock on our door. It’s the postmaster with a letter for Mrs. Giffin. Upon opening the letter and reading it aloud, we learn that Mrs. Giffin’s brother has been killed in battle. Our evening instantly changes from a quiet, peaceful evening to one of immense grief.

It hit me while participating in this scenario that this is still happening today. We’re at war. Families across this country have loved ones who are serving in our armed forces in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Families may be enjoying quiet evenings at home when they hear a knock on their door and suddenly everything changes.

Thinking about that makes me appreciate our armed forces and their families even more for the sacrifices they make to keep us safe.

Whether you agree with our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan currently or not, I hope that you’ll join me in praying for all those who serve in our armed forces and for their family and friends. If you see a man or woman in uniform, I hope you’ll take a moment to personally thank them for their service.


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